Astrid Fitzgerald at the Erica Price Gallery

Astrid Fitzgerald invited me see her work included in the current exhibit at the Erica Price Gallery of Contemporary Art in Saugerties NY.  My visit to the gallery turned out to be a double art adventure

First there was the enormous pleasure of seeing Astrid Fitzgerald’s work.










Astrid (left) and guests

Her pieces all flow from the “Golden Mean,” a mathematical and philosophical concept of harmony from the ancients that continues to influence thinkers and artists.

She explains the place of the Golden Mean in her work this way:

It has provided me with a harmonious structure  – a way to begin the process of experimentation, creation and play.  The structure often yields to an image arising in the mind’s eye, obliterating lines and arcs in the intuitive outpouring of color and gesture.

Learn more about the Golden Mean and the artists who incorporate it in their work at  Fitzgerald’s  new web site, The Museum of the Golden Ratio.

Learn more about the impressive range of work by this internationally known artist at

And be sure to come see Astrid’s work in reality, because stunning as art looks on a website, the colors, textures and structures are most fully alive on real gallery walls.

Which brings me to the second adventure of my trip to Saugerties, NY, and that was entering the stunning Erica Price Gallery itself.





The gallery is part of the new Saugerties Performing Arts Factory aka SPAF located at 192 Ulster Ave, Saugerties NY,  Gallery hours are Wed – Fri 11-3 & Sat-Sun,, 2-7.  845-246-7723.

This exhibit of work by sixteen contemporary artists will continue through mid-July.

Thanks, Astrid, for a wonderful art adventure!







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