Mimi Czajka Graminski at The Museum of the Imagination

I’ve known Mimi Graminski for many years and I’m always excited to see what she will create next.  For me her work always generates space and light both in my field of vision and within my self.  It’s as if every little crunching particle of busy being eases up and makes room for breath and spirit.

Her piece at the Museum of the Imagination in Hudson NY consists of an assemblage of suspended cut paper and fabric.  Because the materials are translucent, the piece builds up colors and shapes like a painting. But because the elements are suspended at various angles and varying degrees of spacing, the piece operates like sculpture.  Viewed from different point of view, the shapes, shadows and superimposed elements present an ever changing composition that invites exploration and delivers unforeseen visual gifts.

Mimi Czajka Graminski - suspended cut papers

This is definitely a piece that is best appreciated in real time and space.

Graminski’s work is part of the engaging exhibit, Second Cut _Disturbed Images in Art curated by Mihail Chemiakin and Gregory Kepinski. on view at the Museum of the Imagination, 217 Warren Street, Hudson NY, open Saturday and Sunday 1-5 pm.

See more work by Graminski at www.mimigraminski.blogspot.com


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