Farewell August – sigh

I love August.  No major holidays to divert me.  Just a long stretch of warmth and ease.

Ah, August.

Tomatoes luxuriate

beneath your ferocious eye.

Cucumbers and butternut

swell subtly each hour.

I hang out a dress to dry

every motion a slow ripening

of intent, then pause to

pay you homage.

I am a hot tomato embraced by

August’s fire, entranced and willing.

Well, August didn’t exactly work out like that this summer.  No languorous, no lazy, no slow ripening for me.  It’s been all go-go-go.  And all good.  Here are two highlights.

My friend Lorraine and I scooted up to Salem on an art adventure: a printmaking workshop with Nadia Korths (http://nadiakorths.com/), at the North Main Gallery.  She shared her lively, vibrant printmaking practice using non-toxic Akua etching inks. We were totally fired up and cannot wait to play some more with all that Nadia taught us!





And then there was SHIFT, a path, a Pilgrmage & a Lot of Strange Transformations Along the Way.  Every now and again, a group of friends, all of us coming from our own creative paths as writers, artists, singers, counselors, teachers, story tellers, poets,shamans, musicians get together under the vision and directorship of Cait Johnson to create a site specific theater experience.   I love the energy that builds when so many playful people create together.  It’s better than the best party ever. This time around I got to put in appearances as three distinct characters – Joan of Arc, a life coach from hell, and bear woman, quite the contrast to the solitude of the studio.

photo credit Douglas Baz

It’s been great fun, but I’m  ready for the studio solitude again and maybe a little August ease spilled over into September, if possible.  Mmmm..

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