My friend Josette and I knew that all the mist clinging in the hollows and stream beds promised a scorcher of a day, but we embraced the vivid beauty cast by the rising sun as we made our early start up the Taconic Parkway on Saturday morning to go to Paula’s workshop in Salem.

Paula Beardell Krieg is one of my fellow exhibitors at Book Arts Summer in Salem.  She is also a teaching artist extraordinaire.  She has been designing and presenting book arts projects that enrich and enhance classroom learning for years.  Her exhibit includes colorful samples of her classroom projects.

Book Arts Projects designed by Paula Beardell Krieg

You can learn much more about Paula’s work as a teaching artist at her delightful and generous blog.

To say that Paula taught us how to make V pocket books is a pretty bare bones description of a morning rich with insight into her philosophy of art-making and abundant with her incitements to spirited playfulness and absorbed creativity



Paula Beardell Krieg with her suspended books at North Main Gallery, Salem


Paula has adapted the v-pocket book cover to a variety of projects and ventures.  You can read more on her blog.

The v-pocket fold makes elegant covers for a blank book. For our workshop, however, Paula involved us in designing our cover papers before we began constructing.  The folding shuffled bits of our design work and by the end of the morning, we each had a book full of unforeseen surprises.  It was magic and so much fun!  I’m eager to make more. Thank you Paula!


After lunch at Central House down the street from the gallery, Josette and I stopped off at Salem Art Works (SAW), an artist residency near the heart of Salem.  Wow it was beastly hot by then!  We enjoyed our visit for as long as we could bear the heat, then hopped in the car, gratefully cranked up the AC and headed happily for home.  More about SAW another time.  And more later about the third part of the exhibit at the North Main Gallery, tunnel books!





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