Book Arts Summer in Salem – ART PARTY WEEKEND

I had a wonderful Saturday in Salem NY at the North Main Gallery.  Director Ruth Sauer and curator Ed Hutchins hosted an ART PARTY and the gallery filled with waves of lovely people who came with such kindliness and curiosity to see the work of the exhibitors.  It was a pleasure to meet them, to talk about the wearable books and to learn about their art interests.

After two weeks of separation, I found the wearable books quite content in the light filled North Main Gallery Annex.  Ed reported that they have had many visitors since the exhibit opened July 11 and I had the sense that the books have happily taken stage with the interest directed their way.  Certainly, there was absolutely no hint of homesickness.  (It’s always good to know that your children are thriving at summer camp!)




I was pretty excited when the afternoon sun hit the windows and played with Tales of Mist and Ice, casting shadows from the pop-up forms -  just what I had hoped for when I made the piece especially for this window.





Some of my smaller books are part of the show as well.  I love the form that Ed built to display the skull book When Rains Come, just one of the many wonderful touches that contributed to making this such a polished show.

I was happy to be on hand to show people through the Egyptian collar book pictured here, Sun Rising for the Moment, which is actually a wearable book too. You can look inside here at my website.




Saturday morning I had the fun of offering a Book Arts workshop.  Here’s one of the participants showing us her book.  (See more at about the workshop at

Paula Beadell Krieg is on the left with part of her exhibit in the background.  Soon, I’ll travel to Salem to take Paula’s workshop.  I can’t wait!  More about Paula’s work when I return. ( For more info about workshops, please call the gallery at  518 854 3406.)

Meanwhile, thanks to Ruth Sauer, to Ed Hutchins and to the lovely people of Salem for a joyous art adventure!






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