Book Arts Summer in Salem – Installing the Show

The wearable books were all very excited about driving to Salem NY for installation at the North Main Gallery because this is the first time they will all be exhibited together.

I was very excited  too!

And I was all anticipation about  seeing the work of another exhibitor in this summer celebration of book arts, Paula Beardell Krieg.

Alas for me, her work was to be installed the day after mine, so now I must be patient until the


July 21st, 3-5 pm

North Main Gallery

196 North Main Street, Salem NY



This peek at Paula’s lively work.pictured in the exhibit catalog will just have to hold me over until then.  Sigh.


I hope Paula’s installation went as well as mine.   Curator, Ed Hutchins and I started in early on Monday morning and devised a super collaboration for suspending the wearable books.  We also had a good time.

Note the WEARABLE BOOK STICK HANGERS  arranged on the floor below the spot where each piece was to hang from the ceiling.

Note the REALLY TALL LADDER.  Not only does Ed Hutchins feel comfortable on ladders, he can stand near the top no handed and screw in hooks over head!  I, the acrophobic artist, was extremely impressed and more than a little grateful.




Note the PLUMB LINE, our secret of success!

Ed, up on the ladder, suspended the plumb line near a stick.  I’d kneel, steady the plumb bob and give directions, “2 inches north, 3 inches toward the street,” and when the position was right, Ed would mark the ceiling.  Graciously he’d say how much he appreciated that I didn’t mind doing the close to the floor work.



By mid-afternoon, all the books floated above the floor, each in just the right place.

The wearable books were so happy.

We were so happy.


we were exhausted.

We did the only thing possible.  We walked three doors down the street to the delightful Battenkill Valley Creamery Ice Cream Parlor for a celebratory treat!  Mmmmm.




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    • Thanks, Tilly. Originally I planned to include some smaller works on pedestals, but we quickly saw how that pulled everything down. It’s just like making art, you never know for sure what will work until you move the materials around.

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