Werner Pfeiffer Artist Books and Book Objects

Lately I’ve been significantly word averse, no doubt the result of the frenetic barrage of commentary, speculation and speeches surrounding the elections.  I have not been able to bear the news or e-mail, and certainly not Facebook.  Alarmingly even novels … Continue reading

Book Arts Summer in Salem – ART PARTY WEEKEND

I had a wonderful Saturday in Salem NY at the North Main Gallery.  Director Ruth Sauer and curator Ed Hutchins hosted an ART PARTY and the gallery filled with waves of lovely people who came with such kindliness and curiosity … Continue reading

Artist Books on the Move

It’s becoming a tradition.  Book Arts come alive every summer in Salem NY.  And this year, lucky me, I’m going to be part of it all!  I’m delighted beyond measure.

Last week I drove up to Salem NY to visit Ed Hutchins who, along with Ruth Sauer of North Main Gallery, is busy envisioning and organizing this year’s events.

Visit Ed’s website www.artistbooks.com for a peek inside last year’s catalog pictured here.

While you are visiting, be sure to check out Ed’s artist books.  I am a HUGE fan.